I want to blame this on my little cousins, but let's not pretend i wasn't having a blast.

I want to blame this on my little cousins, but let's not pretend i wasn't having a blast.

So, I'm Andrés. I was raised in eastern Pennsylvania, USA by a Venezuelan mother and an American father. As a kid I used to spend my days drawing wizards and dragons, playing more hours of Pokémon and Warcraft 2 than should've been legal, and killing my chances at prom king in every chorus and drama club I could find.

As an undergrad, my original plan to become a rock star fell through when I didn't get into my university's music program (ah, the teenage mind...), so I defaulted to my more sensible backup plan: become Indiana Jones. I graduated with a degree in anthropology, but in those four years I always felt a bit unsettled; why it didn't occur to me as I spent more time doodling characters' adventures on my assignments than actually completing them that I ought to pursue a career in art back then is beyond me.

When I eventually landed in the world of web development as an adult, that unsettled feeling had followed me to my cubicle and grown much, much deeper. It ended up taking a very serious injury to my drawing hand, which unfortunately suffered permanent nerve damage, for me to realize what life would be like if I couldn't draw my stories. Within a year I had taken classes online, built a portfolio, applied, been rejected, re-applied, and gotten into the Savannah College of Art and Design for an MFA in animation. I'll be finished in 2018.

I also love drawings by other (far more talented) people, like these guys and gals:

I'm not the best at the various social media... things, but you can find me @blueDinoMedia on Twitter, on Tumblr, and on Facebook.

Thanks so much for your visit!